2008. he/she/they/it

hi!!! im ani. i am very messy and i have a lot of interests. i like being sad and being happy and everything in between and i love how they all fit together to make life worth living. im interested in philosophy but HATE nihilism, if you couldn't tell. you can email me at or send me a message at ani#6389 on discord if you wanna get in contact :)

i car seat headrest, twitch streamers, creative and academic writing and platform rpgs.

i LOVE!!!!! night in the woods, splatoon and celeste (i like coffee talk + ikenfell + spinch + tangle tower too!!). i'd like to code a platform rpg someday :P

also for some reason i have a wierd obsession with anti naturalistic movies. im also intrested in sociology, psychology, english literature and poetry and queer media/history but on a much larger scale LOL

here are my babygirls

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charlie slimecicle
jack manifold
james marriot
ted nivision
will toledo
leith ross
lilypichu and michael reeves
niki nihachu
akutagawa from bsd
dsmp character ranboo
madeline from celeste
crumb cuptoast
mae from nitw

and more !! but these guys are the main ones :-)

days with rey ♥


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★ enfp & gemini
★ en/tr and shitty esp

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