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★What is Car Seat Headrest?

Car Seat Headrest also abbreviated to CSH is an American indie rock band created as a solo project of the one and only Will Toledo when he was in college. The name comes from the fact that he would often record the vocals to his early albums (I.e. twin fantasy) in the back seat of his car for privacy. In his old Bandcamp, you can see a lot of the album covers being of car seat headrests. He has also said "When I first started the project, I was looking for name that wouldn't reveal much about the music or the creator, a sort of "blank" name. I was under the impression that I was making mysterious music. And I was recording vocals in the car, because I was embarrassed to sing with my parents in the house. So I came upon the idea of 'car seat headrest' and it stuck". It definitely has worked till now, because i have had a lot of vinyl record store employees look at me like I was crazy. Someone even once offered to bring their own car seat headrest from their car -_- the band consists of: Will Toledo (vocals) Andrew Katz (drums)Ethan Ives (guitar) Seth Dalby (bass)

★ discography!

Csh's first album that was not released independently was "Twin Fantasy (mirror to mirror)" on january of 2011. The mirror to mirror part is important, because later on they would go on and release their rerecording of it, titling it only "Twin fantasy". Two months later "my back is killing me baby" came out in march of 2011. "Nervous Young Man" (augst), "MonoMania" (october 26) and "Living While Starving" (october 27) were released two years later in 2013. "How To Leave Town" and "Teens Of Style" came out a year in between each other, 2014 and 2015 respectively. "Teens of Denial" was arguably their most popular album which led to a lot of people discovering it and them rising to fame within the indie rock etc. scene. In 2018, they rereleased "Teens of Denial", in which Toledo felt as if their first album was undone, unfinished. This lead to them remaking the album and giving it a new life. "Making a Door Less Open" was their first studio album consisting of wholly new material since "Teens of Denial".

★ favorite album

probably my favorite album is monomania, with its songs about yearning for someone. Will Toledo writes about love, but it's not always something he feels for someone. My favorite songs of his are songs that sound like he is singing to himself rather than somebody else. For me, his music is analyzing one's self, putting yourself infront of you and trying to understand yourself. His songs mostly use 2nd person, and in a way that convinces me even more he is talking to himself. He likes to turn people into concepts, stories, and in a way it makes it easier for him to write about them.

★ very very specific ordered playlist

when its done im gonna link it here :D

★ impact on me

when i listen to car seat headrest, i feel like will toledo slowly unscrews my head and takes my brain out. He does is slowly, and quietly, so i mostly don't even notice. He goops my brain out and puts it infront of me. Then, he takes a hammer out and smashes it until it's mush. it's a good thing.

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"What happened to that chubby little kid, who smiled too much and loved the Beach Boys. What happened is: I killed that fucker. And I took his name, and I got new glasses" (Destroyed by Hippie Powers)

"Somewhere down the line you'll look back and say you did the best that you could and you'll be wrong" [ overexposed (enjoy) ]

“But i don’t care about hundreds of hypothetical people and their hypothetical sex deals, I care about me, and my sex deal! What about my problems?” (It’s Only Sex)

"I fell in love with my fate as it crushed me to death" [ Famous Prophets (Minds) ]

"Hey, space cadet you can't hang out with your friends even when you are with them. Hey, space cadet you're gonna need a lot of love but not the kind you're thinking of" [ Hey, Space Cadet (Beast Monster Thing in Space) ]

"It's 2014 and I have no idea what is going on in my life" [ Hey, Space Cadet (Beast Monster Thing in Space) ]

"We were wrecks before we crashed into each other" (Sober To Death)