lovelyqats neocities!!

welcome to my site!!!!!

add to do box
make csh shrine
redo gallery to guqqie shrine
add update log!
redo guqqie shrine. why the fuck
do i do this to myself.

redo about me????????
make chatbox
add welcome page!
make a vinyl collection shrine!
very unhappy with
the layout. change it??

hello and welcome im ani and im fairly new to html and css. i got hyperfixated on it two months ago and this is the result 0_0 if there are any breaking or problems with the coding or how it looks, please let me know! i plan too add things and make it as ugly and eye catching as possible. my cousin has said that he would be scared to open this site because it looks like a porn site with viruses and thats the goal (^_^). (my friend also told me this two weeks ago they really planning the lovelyqats downfall fr) hope u enjoy ur stay!!

you can navigate this site by the links on the left. everything will probably change every two weeks due to me constantly adding things!

video of the whatever. i update it whenever i want!

leave a comment!!