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how i got into the streaming sphere

Circa early 2020, my two childhood best friends got obsessed with mcyt. They were also sisters, and everytime i came over there was something new about the Dreamsmp they told me about. we always had different interests, and that summer i listened to everything they wanted to tell me, even when i thought it was boring and dare-i-say cringy. while in the last two years they have drifted away from the streamer scene and i have stayed in it, we still mainly bond over games. they introduced me to one of my biggest interests, and they still listen to me ranting about streamers even when they aren't interested in it anymore, and for that i will be forever grateful. Content creators are people that suck you in with their enthusiasm, creativity, and love for the things they do. it makes you wonder how modern society would be if everyone liked their jobs

i love watching streams and ccs (content creators), especially when roleplay is done in minecraft smps. Watching streamers and being a part of their community is so fucking fun to me, and i love consuming their content. Roleplay servers like hermitcraft, dreamsmp, qsmp and so on are big interests of mine, and i love the complex lore most of these servers have. the lore and characters these ccs portray have garnered a very talented and passionate community and i love being a part of it.

DISCLAIMER!!!! i fucking HATE dream (mc youtuber) who owns the server i will be talking about in this shrine. i do NOT assosiate with him and in no shape or form do i consume any of his content, or any ccs' who have consistently supported him throughout the allegations. i belive the victims, and i always will. Dream should NOT have such a big platform, he has continuously showed that he is a disgusting person and i hope the worst for him in every shape and form. if you wish to educate yourself more on the situation, here is the google doc

what even is streaming?

Streaming is simply a way of broadcasting audio and video over the internet in real-time. Streaming has a few constant elements that make it different and special. The live chat, a way for the people watching the stream to communicate with the streamer, is a vital part of it. The authenticness is another one, with streamers broadcasting from their bedrooms with little to no professional production. The most popular streaming platform in the world is Twitch, followed second by youtube gaming. Streams are special when they are live, but if the streamer chooses to share them, you can also watch the "vods" (video on demand), which are the streams in full video format, uploaded to other platforms (mainly youtube) to be watched offline.

Twitch is an American live streaming platform, including but not limited to gaming, just chatting, creative media, music, and live events. Twitch was the platform that boosted and supported most of the streamers that are successful right now.Twitch was also the first platform to support a lot of extentions to their platform, allowing the community to curate and make the twitch experience better. Streamers on twitch can enhance the chat experience by using extensions like BetterTTV and 7tv to upload channel exlusive emotes (basically twitch emojis) and badges signifying the chatters status. Badges can signify a couple of things; like how long a chatter has been subscribed to the streamer, if they have ever lead a hype train, and so on. Subscriptions (also called subs) on twitch are paid, and there are three tiers you can subscribe with. Subscriptions come with perks like no ads, exlusive channel emotes (different than the emotes uploaded with the extensions which can be accessed by anyone). There are other ways to support streamers if you don't want to renew your sub every month, like dono's (donations) and Bits. Dono's mostly come with messages that the text-to-speech reads aloud to the stream, and Bits are essentially a virtual currency that is used by Twitch. Hype trains happen when there is a spike in Bits or Subscription activity in a channel coming from different viewers within a specific time frame. Twitch has garnered and created a very big sense of community with their streamers and chatters ("offliners" being a term coined by the community, a name for people who chat in streamers' chat even when they aren't online). As a streamer, if you fill out a set of requirements you can also partner with them and be a twitch partner which has it's own special perks.

Unfortunately, in the recent years, Twitch has lost the spark that made it so special. Listening to the community and prioritizing their thoughts and opinions was what made Twitch so different than the other platforms in the first place. As Twitch keeps gaining popularity, it has stopped caring about their community, with increasing adds, pathetically sloopy management and weirdly motivated bans on streamers. Thus Twitch has lost a lot of streamers (to youtube gaming) who MADE twitch is the first place, like ludwig, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, LilyPichu, and the late Technoblade.

Servers and so on

SMPs are survival multiplayer game servers where a bunch of people can play in the same world together. Servers are a big part of the minecraft community, hypixel being the most commonly known. Most of the servers cc's play on are private and whitelisted. This tab will just be a place i store all the resources i want to on these servers; including dsmp, qsmp and origins.


while being portrayed in minecraft does add a bit of separation from reality to it, the dsmp involves a lot of triggering topics. here is a general content warning:

  • * Violence
  • * Foul language
  • * Language and imagery surrounding war
  • * Death, including those of major characters and animals/pets
  • * Themes of grief
  • * Abuse
  • * Depression and suicidal thoughts/tendencies
  • * Dereality/unreality
  • * Torture
  • * Religious institutionalsim
  • * Cult worship and indoctrination
  • * Addiction to drugs/alcohol/gambling
  • * Cannibalism
  • * Sacrifices
  • * Themes surrounding martyrdom
  • * Human experimentation
  • * Dealing with PTSD/character-specific triggers
  • snatched this list from moonsbig neocities!

    transcripts of some lore streams can be found here and lore analysis essays can be found here
    the wiki with all of the lore is here

    to differentiate the streamers and the characters they play, the fandom puts c! infront of the names. cc! means content creator. my favorite characters are down below. hover to see their names and click on them to see their wiki page!

    dsmp!wilbur soot
    dsmp!ranboo beloved_
    dsmp!tubbo beloved_



    created by one of the dsmp members quackity, the qsmp is the newest server with LIVE TRANSLATION, being the first multilingual server in the history of minecraft. It is currently very new, and most of the members are live daily! it currently has three different languages; english, spanish and portuguese! content warnings of qsmp ahead!

  • * grief
  • * death of children
  • * murder
  • the wiki can be found here and there are official update/translation accounts linked to quackity, which can be found here

    here are my favorite qsmp characters!


    qsmp!wilbur soot

    lore based

    you can find the dsmp lore vods in order here but it is very outdated. blueberry tv has edited alot of vods into the lore heavy parts here but their videos also miss the spark of friendship and joking around that made dsmp special in the first place.

    dsmp animatics

    qsmp animatics

    cc based vods/vids