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I never see the threat too soon
The blood on the bandage, the ghost in the room
Got a canvas as white as the moon
But when I see it at night, it's a sickening blue
I was thinking people never change
But there's a new taste of dread that I cannot explain
In the thoughts that make up my life
It reflected in others from time to time
Now I've got another question
And if we run out of time, can we make an exception?
Got a piece that needs completion
And I want to hear more from you
Here's what I'd like to do
Oh, temptation
I could be a part of you
(Can't stay connected)
Oh, completion (can't stay connected)
Come in closer, let the candle burn right through
(Can't get connected)
If you can't get what you're after any other way
Am I, am I, am I, am I on your mind?
Is it, is it, is it, is it what you like?
Covered under your sleeve sometime
Am I, am I, am I, am I on your mind?
Is it, is it, is it, is it what you like?
I'm alright, I was really in a state tonight
I won't speak, I don't know what to say
I can see in your prayers, it's the same things we pay for
Got a currency that you accept
If you want to exchange, we can try to connect
Give me the number to your room and leave the door on the latch
There are tigers in the jungle, there's a knife in the mattress
I don't think we broke the glass, but hell if I know
I never learned to dance, what the hell do I know?
I know I won't always need you like this
I swear I'm not always falling to bits
But, but in the hallway
The moment hits and the setup clicks like a safety
Yeah, you could hear a pin drop, feel it
I feel it
You'll feel it
You'll feel it
I feel it
You'll feel it
Feel it, feel it, feel it
Feel it, feel it, feel it, two, three, four
Am I, am I, am I, am I on your mind?
Is it, is it, is it, is it what you like?
I was really in a state tonight
(Can't get connected)
Am I, am I, am I, am I on your mind?
Is it, is it, is it, is it what you like?
I'm alright, put me up your sleeves sometime
All the time, sometime
Other time, no time
Oh, temptation
I could take a piece from you
Oh, completion
Let it burn, let the candle burn right through

I have loved music since i could remember. When i was growing up, my mom made sure to make me listen to various bands in hopes that i would turn out like her (music nerd). Early in my teenage years i exclusively listened to pop, but over the years i have developed a music taste of my own. She is a big influence of mine and thought me most of the bands i know today. When i was younger she even had a little website (like me!) where she wrote about news in the music industry!! click on the images above to open the tabs and hover on the images in those tabs to see info/other stuff!

my favorite artists!!

car seat headrest
leith ross
phoebe bridgers
whatever, dad
wilbur soot
los campesinos!
fiona apple
alex g
kimya dawson
dazey and the scouts
elliot smith

my favorite albums!

Your City Gave Me Asthma
I'd Have to Think About It
My Back Is Killing Me Baby
Twin Fantasy
White Blood Cells
Puberty 2
Elliott Smith
Teens of Denial
Hold On Now, Youngster...
Soda & Pie
Teens of Style
Romance Is Boring
Wake Up & It's Over

my vinyl collection!

twin fantasy - car seat headrest

i love this vinyl so so much. it was the first one i got from csh, it holds a special place in my heart. 10/10

celeste game soundtrack - lena raine

probably one of the best game soundtracks ever, and the game is one of my favorites anyway. 10/10

laurel hell - mitski

gonna be honest, after her past albums, this one didn't really stuck out to me when it first came out. still, i bought it and i streamed it and im glad to say it gets better with every listen. 7/10

queen - greatest hits

good album, it is the greatest hits after all.

lover - taylor swift

cringe and free for liking this album. has a lot of variety. 6/10

the bends- radiohead

probably one of their best albums 7/10

making a door less open - car seat headrest

banger album i loved the way they experimented with new stuff. 8/10

stranger in the alps - phoebe bridgers

this album is so so soft and intimate :( 8/10

the punisher - phoebe bridgers

liked it a lot less than stranger in the alps but its still phoebe and it's still good 6/10

puberty 2 - mitski

so so good. everything about this album is amazing. 10/10

nimrod - green day

used to listen to this lots with my mom. for that it's a 10/10

teens of style - car seat headrest

amazing album. not as good as their other stuff but still amazing. 7/10

the new abnormal - the storkes

ignoring that the band's lead vocalist is a weirdo, solid album. 7/10

back to black - amy winehouse

always a classic. 10/10

Be the Cowboy - mitski

the way she grew up and matured over the years really shines through with this one. 10/10

MAGDALENE - fka twigs

i think i threw up from crying to this album once. 10/10

Hatful of Hollow - the smiths

best the smiths album. 9/10

the queen is dead - the smiths

proud to be a minority in thinking this album is worse than hatful of hallow. still a solid album. 8/10

the fame - lady gaga

i stole this from my mom when i first started collecting. amazing pop album idc she ate with this one. 8/10

joanne - lady gaga

very cool album. different than most of her other stuff, but i love the softness of it. 8/10

reputation - taylor swift

following vinyl are all ts so ill just rate them cuz im lazy ^0^

evermore - taylor swift


fearless - taylor swift


midnights - taylor swift